“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
— Maya Angelou

Heal Her is a global action for the healing and prevention of sexual violence. Meeting in talking circles worldwide, we create rituals for transformative storytelling, consciousness-raising, empathetic listening, and collective healing. Working with artistic facilitators, therapists, and healers, we provide creative and holistic methods for addressing sexual trauma.

We have held events and festivals in Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Paris, Barcelona, New York, and Berlin. Our work has been supported with grants from the Burning Man Global Arts Fund and Daza Filmes, which featured the project in “A Thousand Women”, a documentary on artists combating gender-based violence.

Using techniques inspired by expressive arts therapy and indigenous talking circles, we explore how to take back power over our personal mythology and build grassroots networks supporting trauma survivors.