In response to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, Heal Her is hosting online classes as we wait to resume our in-person programming. Our international community of facilitators hope the healing arts will help you find comfort and support during these difficult times. Please check back on this page as we add additional workshops and classes.


On Easter (Sunday, April 12, 2020), Heal Her will open the Feel Festival live stream! The session of Kundalini guided meditation with yoga-inspired movement is facilitated by Zarahlena, Cristina Söderström Martos, and Nisha Bhakoo.


Zarahlena is an artist and hatha yoga instructor, teaching classes in German, English, and Spanish. She hosts The Doom Yoga Sessions (yoga classes set to Doom, Ambient, Drone, Psychedelic music). She offers several classes weekly and upon request. You can contact her directly on Instagram at @zlena.yoga_

Suzan Lemont is an expressive arts therapist based in Utrecht. She offers holistic movement and dance classes to help realign your mind and body for optimal physical and psychological health. Held over Zoom, her weekly classes offer inspiring, accessible, clear, calming, body-based ways to connect with your creativity, strength and sense of grace. No experience necessary.

Nisha Bhakoo is a meditation teacher and writer based in Berlin. Check out her classes on Mindfulness Meditation (in English). Mindfulness is a meditation technique aimed at focusing the mind on the present moment. Each session begins with a teaching followed by a guided meditation. There will then be a brief discussion followed by either a silent meditation or a metta practice (loving kindness).